Tapis Rouge Films has for mission to produce cinematic material with a social and human character, ancred in its territory and universal in its message. Cinema to nourish our roots and our imaginary landscape, stimulate our soul, to push us to reflect on things, learn, and most importantly, to allow us to dream.

Tapis Rouge is a local business, with the ambition of offering to creators from here and around the world the willpower and the moral energy to produce their projects. Tapis Rouge produces cinema as a form of art. And art is first a business of willpower and moral energy. Emblem of cinema and its glamourous side, the red carpet (Tapis Rouge) symbolises that there is no limit to our own willpower.

Tapis Rouge develops talents by accompanying film-makers on their journeys, from shorts to full length films. Tapis Rouge also produces documentaries destined to the television market, inspired by our regional reality.