Lisbon, Portugal – Employee engagement doesn't mean employee happiness or satisfaction. That is not enough! An engaged employee is both happy and satisfied but he has the emotional commitment to the organization and its goals and values.

Statistics say only 30% of employees are engaged, and even worse, that 26% are actively disengaged from their company culture. Those numbers cost around $350 billion a year to U.S. companies! As a recent study by Towers Watson points out, companies with high levels of engagement increase their income by 18%. On the other hand, low levels of engagement can mean a 33% decline on productivity.

So, how can we engage employees to retain top talent and have a great company culture? Money is not the answer as only 29% of employees at companies with money based rewards feel recognized. Money lacks the trophy value that gives status among peers and it is already part of the day to day motivation, it's the reason we all work! So cash is not seen as an extra incentive to give you the extra boost to your morale. So maybe employees want a praise. Some say we all live for the applause and maybe that's what's missing. Employees want recognition from their employer but also from their peers! Peer-to-peer recognition is one of the most valuable forms of motivation as it gives a continuous feedback on the employee performance and gives him the motivation to continue improving and being a team player. This leads to a better employee engagement which reflects directly on the happiness level of the and boosts the company performance and productivity.

With all of this in mind we've decided to create something different. Even though we had a great team culture and performance, we decide to create an app that worked as an extra incentive to increase specific behaviors we were lacking. We then created TapMyBack! TapMyBack is an app that enables team members to keep improving their productivity and work performance by repeating actions that had a positive impact on the team. Team leader defines which actions (Taps) are available for recognition and then all team can engage and give recognition to each others. We've had amazing results with TapMyBack and that's why we've decided to make it available globally at http://www.tapmyback.com. Let's make our workplace a little bit happier!

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