Tappan Z Gallery is a Hudson Valley New York art gallery showcasing an expansive collection of contemporary American fine art and craft.

Our dynamic exhibit of talented American artists promotes multiple disciplines including painting, sculpture, photography, jewelry, and more while uniting exceptionally diverse materials and styles.

Multimedia components within our artwork offerings include art glass, ceramics, wood, steel, fabrics, oils, paper, canvas… even precious metals and gemstones. Selected works embody an evocative and robust American sensibility.  We represent emerging as well as established artists whose pieces are displayed in private, public and corporate collections throughout the world.

Visit Tappan Z Art Gallery in Hudson Valley to buy art of New York museum quality for your home, office or investment. Our carefully cultivated display is constantly refined to deliver the best presentation possible. Every visit to the art gallery will reveal something new for you.

Ceramic Art – Fine, sculptural and functional artworks in clay, porcelain, terra cotta. Hand formed, coiled and thrown.

Glass Art – Blown, fused, and stained glass compositions. Decorative sculpture and functional forms.

Jewelry – Artisan fabricated, forged, cast and assembled by hand. One-of-a-kind works of art in precious materials.

Painting – Figurative to abstract. Classical to modern. Traditional to conceptual. Folk art to realism.

Photography – Fine art photography in signed and limited editions. Alternative processing and traditional methods coexist with digitally enhanced technologies.

Sculpture – Large and small scale fabrications utilizing a full range of material possibilities. Textures of wood, steel, glass, clay, and stone form figurative, iconic and abstract shapes in varying sizes for display both indoors and outdoors.

Fiber Art– Quilted assemblages of fiber and fabrics collaged with multimedia elements creating a complex surface design. Fiber art includes hand dyed and painted fiber surfaces, decorative needlework and beading.