TapResume is a Next Generation Exclusive Global Technology Hiring Platform that connects the most talented developers, programmers, coders, technologists, digital experts and engineers to the most relevant opportunities across multiple industries

TapResume is leveraging the power of AI and Deep Machine Learning to provide the most powerful hiring platform to our clients

We service the employers by providing the most fresh and active candidates after curating them through our internal experts network in about 250 technology areas.

Our story started with our core management team’s problem of not being able to hire the right Technology Talent in the least amount of time while servicing clients globally across cutting edge projects and products.  The Vision to help Companies solve this pain point along with our core team’s deep experience and research across years resulted in creating a data driven intelligent search algorithm that aligns the most relevant candidates in the least timeframe across a pre-defined matrix of technologies that get updated every day.

We bring immense value to the ecosystem of Companies globally and Right Technology Talent. TapResume can be called an intelligent  AI - Data Analytics Driven Technology Career Marketplace  that provides intelligent matchmaking between the Best Technology Talent and Opportunities globally.