TapSocial Digital Media is founded by industry leaders in social media and user experience.  As a result, its products always offer a user-friendly and simple experience to use, plus connect people through the most popular social media channels.

TapSocial for WordPress is a plugin which adds a smoothly animated social media news ticker to websites. Set up takes only minutes and enables WordPress developers and designers to stream real-time tweets from Twitter, posts from Facebook and custom messages in an smoothly animated news ticker that is responsive across all devices.

TapSocial Digital Signage is a web-based digital signage solution. Unlike most digital signage providers, TapSocial requires no special hardware or software. The digital signage displays are designed to be simple to customize, yet flexible for a wide range of businesses.  

TapSocial for Mac is our top-rated Mac App Store social media application. Rather than stopping work to open social media websites or bulky apps that take up lots of real estate on your screen, this app streams real-time social media updates in a slim news ticker format.  You can resize and reposition the ticker to suit your work style.  Keep an eye on social media while remaining productive.