Tarpon Bay Capital is solving the problem of inadequate permanent financing available to single family real estate investors. Roughly 80% of all home loans are financed by the government sponsored enterprises (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac & FHA). The GSE’s only provide conforming loans and non-owner occupied properties do not conform to GSE underwriting guidelines. Most non-traditional lenders that provided investment property loans ceased to exist after 2009. Single family real estate investors have relied on short term, “hard money” lenders to finance properties or have paid cash.

Tarpon Bay Capital is a direct lender to real estate entrepreneurs. We provide permanent financing for one to four unit residential real estate. We fund the loans by pooling capital from high net worth individuals, asset managers, pension funds and self-directed IRA investors who are attracted to the many benefits of investing with us. We raise capital by selling private placements under Regulation D, rule 506(c) of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The JOBS Act of 2012 allows for general solicitation of of private placements to accredited  investors* only.