GreenSmith Concepts, Inc, dba ta-ta-toos®, is a company that produces and sells a line of unique temporary tattoos.  

Treated like a personal greeting card - with a flirty twist, ta-ta-toos are temporary tattoos, worn on your ta-tas, that relay sentiments in a fun, intimate and original way.  Unlike most tattoos, ta-ta-toos are less an expression of self and more a unique means of communicating with a significant other.

With collections covering a multitude of occasions, ta-ta-toos send a message that may be temporary fun, but will undeniably create permanent memories.

Collections include bridal/anniversary/weddings, special occasions, risqué and just for fun, with messages such as “Lucky You,” “Naughty / Nice”, “100% Natural” and more traditional options including “Happy Anniversary” and “Happy Birthday”.