Implementing a system that captures your tattoo and embeds it onto a high quality case is not a simple task.  That's why we need YOUR help.   Utilizing an automated process of uploading of your photo and printing your case simply won't work.  There are too many variables involved with adapting photos of tattoos for this purpose.  We are going to use actual human designers to take your tattoo and craft it into a workable image.  From there, it will be embedded into a high quality case via a four-color transfer process that will embed the artwork into the body of your case.  To do this will require hefty setup costs.  We need to build out a web and mobile app infrastructure to handle the process and invest in tooling and setup costs so your case can be crafted and fulfilled within the United States.  By pledging at least $50 you will be pre-ordering a TATTCase and helping to turn this idea into reality.

A bit about the cases.  Of utmost importance is ensuring a top notch case.  Our initial core product will be a custom fit, snap-on case with a raised bezel that feels exquisite to the touch.  This will provide good all around protection, maintain ease of access to all of your device ports, and protect the screen when your device is face down, so you can show off your unique case without worry.

We have tried to find an automated system that could replicate your personal tattoo onto a case.  Through trial and error, we realized that it takes a personalized, human element to get it right each time, just like your tattoo.   When a case is ordered, you'll effortlessly upload photos of your tattoo through our website or app.  Then, our team of top notch designers will take your images and craft them into a replica of your tattoo.  After a review process, your case will arrive in a matter of days.

Inking a tattoo isn't easy, and neither is launching TATTCase. This is why we need your support. If your body is a canvas, then your device should be too. We hope you enjoy your case as much as we will enjoy making it.