Tattoo Audio® has released the world’s first intelligent premium wireless headphone with integrated smartwatch set with in-phase communication to your smartphone or other smart-connected-device.

Enjoy high-quality sound with Tattoo Audio's over-ear premium wireless headphones and control your audio experience, plus call answer, end, reject, view SMS and Social notifications, and more with the integrated smartwatch.

The Tattoo Audio’s premium wireless headphone + smartwatch set, features easy touch-and-go Near field communication (NFC®) pairing, aptX® audio coding (audio codec compression algorithms) to deliver high-quality sound wirelessly over Bluetooth®, enabling users to lose the wires without compromising on audio quality.

Tattoo Audio premium headphones integrated intelligent-sensor has the ability to ‘hibernate’ by simply setting it down. Music and phone conversations will immediately stop.  Music starts playing right where you left off – when you pick the headphones back up.  The integrated On/Off button makes it easy to turn the sensor On/Off.

“Tattoo Audio's innovative game-changing IP sets a new global 'gold standard' for next-generation lifestyles trends and emerging technologies for the current $3 billion premium headphone market, the current $14 billion wearable technology market, and projected $70 billion global wearable technology market in 2024”. – Steve Nohr, Co-founder, Tattoo Audio

Offered initially in three versions, the TA-200 (Android compatible, BT 4.0+), TA-220 (Android compatible, BT 2.1 & 3.0), and TA-800 (iOS and Android compatible, BT 4.0+) are built with solid construction and a premium quality (stainless steel and aluminum) finish all rolled into an amazing, comfortable fit. An integrated docking station, conveniently located at the top of the headphones provides for quick and easy attachment and removal of the intelligent smartwatch.

The Tattoo Audio smartwatch also features in-phase functions, smartphone anti-loss, and find capabilities; informing you when your smartphone is more than 10 meters away and helping you locate it when misplaced.

Tattoo Audio's 'Premium' over-ear wireless headphones were engineered and built the way premium headphones are suppose to be, 'incredibly intelligent' - like us.

Try this with any leading $350 to $450 premium headphone. Set your smartphone down at home, office, or on its recharging station and still remain mobile – listen to Music on Tattoo Audio’s® premium wireless headphones all while call, answer, end, reject, receive SMS and Social communications through the integrated smartwatch as far as 10meters (30 feet) away.  This means you don’t have to carry your smartphone with you when working around the office, house, or yard – yet still remain in contact with the world.

•     TA-220 Android compatible, Bluetooth 2.1 & 3.0 version MSRP is $299,
•     TA-200 Android compatible, Bluetooth 4.0 and later version MSRP is $349, and
•     TA-800 iOS & Android compatible, Bluetooth 4.0 and later version MSRP is $375.

Our authorized EMS supplier is a large publicly traded Company in Asia; customers include Apple and Samsung ensuring highest quality products for our customers.

In accordance with its guiding principles, Tattoo Audio creates game-changing technologies, products and product-line extensions' supported by a solid portfolio of intellectual property and delivered through a global network of dealers, distributors and retailers.

For more information go to:  www.tattooaudio.com