We Solve Tax Problems!

Tax Network USA is one of the nation's leading professional tax representation and mediation firms.

Since we serve such a diverse clientele, we serve clients from our corporate headquarters in the metropolitan Los Angeles area to help solve both federal and state tax problems both in a national and international capacity.

Your case will be reviewed by tax professionals including Certified Public Accountants, Certified Enrolled Agents, and/or Tax Practitioners when necessary.

We provide personalized attention to the details of each case, representing our clients in all dealings with the IRS. This includes responding to IRS communications and pursuing procedural and administrative remedies to attain the best outcome and relief for our clients.

Even if you haven't filed your taxes for a number of years, we can help get you back on track in restoring your financial security.

Depending on eligibility we are able to settle outstanding taxes, penalties and accumulated interest for a fraction of the amount due.

Who We Serve

There are millions of small businesses and individuals with IRS problems in the United States today.

We are here to negotiate on your behalf.

We provide a comprehensive set of tax representation and mediation services to:

Individuals and Couples
Sole Proprietors
General and Limited Partnerships
Limited Liability Companies
Liability Partnerships
Non-Profit Organizations
Certified Public Accountants
Enrolled Agents
Attorneys who specialize in other areas of law