IEC Indoor Environmental Control High- Tech Mold Inspections Removal  

Hank Taylor is a Certified Environmental Hygienist  and Certified Mold Inspectors  who do  mold inspection and mold remediation in Souther California
One of Taylor's Environmental  high-tech mold inspection tools is a fiber optic inspection cable camera with video monitor to  check for mold growth inside walls, ceilings, floors and air conditioning ducts. IndoorEnviroControll also use an advance moisture meter to scan building surfaces for elevated levels of moisture a problem that can indicate possible hidden growth.

Physical mold and air testing samples collected for lab analysis are sent to a certified USA mold laboratory for the most accurate mold species identification and qualification.  Hank Taylor has over 25 years of mold inspection, testing, and remediation experience.

Taylor Environmental high tech mold removal equipment includes a high output ozone generator to kill mold spores, mold growth, bacterial growth, and odors in houses and workplaces. Taylor Environmental also use fogging machines and special air scrubbers with an activated carbon filter to  capture  dangerous and unhealthy mold volatile organic compounds (VOACs), plus a HEPA filter to catch airborne mold spores.

For more information or to schedule mold inspection and/or mold remediation, phone  Hank Taylor at 949-560-0945 or email moldmen@att.netor visit their websites www.moldmen.com