Technology is forever messing up. When you need someone to identify the problem and fix it quickly, contact James from TBJ Consulting of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

James helps clients figure out technology decisions. Small and medium-sized businesses come to him for clear, understandable advice.

James does not speak geek. He won’t talk down to you, use words you’re not familiar with, or take forever to get back to you. Instead, James is a down-to-earth, friendly consultant who provides affordable, guaranteed services.

Businesses today need to be tech savvy because the world is tech savvy. However, technology is always changing, and it’s good to have a smart tech guy to call when needed. James deals with things like network design and security, as well as auditing services. He can assess your current technology and then identify wise investments to build and boost your bottom line.

With almost two decades of experience in various areas of IT, and multiple IT certifications, James and TBJ Consulting provide “Services With a Smile”.