Mission: To be the Network of choice for Aspiring Artists and Creative Talents to advance their careers by providing education, training and  employment opportunities.

Vision: TCAA aspires to create the Market which connects the producers and consumers of Creative Talent in Socially responsible environments.

TCAA values and promotes creative human capital and talents as a driver to economic and socially responsible empowerment.


Education: TCAA has at its core the education of its students and constituents the tools necessary to be a successful performing artist. TCAA aspires to be the one-stop turkey solution to the tools required for professional artist development.

Community and Social Outreach: TCAA reaches out to communities, educational institutions, non-profits and economic development councils to inform and educate the power of collaboration, in building productive people, communities and business enterprises.


Ministry: TCAA ministers to is constituents the principles of God and the power of his will in all our activities. It is the foundation upon which the faith of positive accomplishment will be attained in all our activities, in his name. We promote fellowship and brotherhood, using the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as the example of promise, hope and destiny.

Empower Economic Development:

TCAA’s activities are strategically aligned to maximize economic development in the communities in which we serve. We collaborate with economic councils, mayors, city councils, governors and state legislatures and other non-profits to combine the efforts and initiatives into positive social outcomes. These outcomes are measured by increased employment and skills base, business startups and proliferation, increased tax base to the communities, reduced crime and poverty through jobs creation.