We’re specialized in high quality teas which we call premium tea. We have the best premium green, white, yellow, wulong, black, pu’ erh and scented tea, which we can supply in all required quantities and packaging. For example, the Silver Needle, the Long Jing, the Tieguanyin, the Tan Yang Gong Fu, the Yunnan Black, The Jasmine Needle King, Pu’erh from Yiwu, the Da Hong Pao - we provide them all and selected the best quality of the market. Besides these famous teas, we offer as well less renowned but as well great teas like Green tea from Shandong, Pomelo scented tea, White Tea from Yunnan, White teacakes, honey scented Tieguanyin, etc. As well we provide high quality tea ware, not only because of presenting Chinese tea culture, but as well to make drinking premium tea as convenient as possible.

Our selection is the result of years of study and quest for special premium tea. With the collection we present now, we are confident that we can  enlarge and improve everybody’s idea and appreciation of tea. On our reduced scale of starting our business we received highly satisfied response that shows that our collection can upgrade people’s habit from drinking relatively low quality tea from teabags to drinking premium tea. Tea that is so pure, that is contains all the health benefits.

Our tea comes from high mountain tops, from wild tea trees and organic tea gardens.