A Site That Lets You Tattle On Teachers

As most school students were enjoying their summer vacation break, Web creator's worked hard to put the finishing touches on a new kind of web site titled, Teacher Complaints.

TeacherComplaints.com gives users the chance to use a clever and effective online tool in order to share their real life experiences with the intention to solve different problems related to the way schools are treating their students. In this way teachers and parents can interact and learn from each other in order to be successful when it comes to dealing with each individual problem.

By getting feedback from them you will be able to improve anything that has to do with student, teacher and parent relations. This site was created by real people for real people and allows you to share your thoughts and feelings about real school incidents.

Below is a few of inserts of the many complaints which have been posted on the TeacherComplaints.com web site;

After receiving our new principal this year, the students at North Wilkes High School have been met with a continuous flow of unethical and unreasonable rules for this new year. At the top of that list are the facts that students are required to pay the school to use the restroom, pay to get water in the hall(seeing as it is not allowed for us to have water in class), pay to go to our lockers...

"...I'm complaining about the Principal of Westbrook Middle School in Westbrook, CT. I went to the Principal Mr. House when school had started for a simple curriculum change for my child that would not be conducive for his studies, I just wanted a good education for my child,he refused to work with me. So I went to the BOE and this is when the retaliation started. He used my child to retaliate against me. The whole clicky unit would emerge by the next year. He ultimately made a false report to the DCF hotline and Mr. House is a very disturbed sociopath and the authorities should check him out."

"...Lake View Elementary School, Teachers enjoy yelling at students during class. I don't like them yelling at us. It is mean and unfair. Why do they think this sits an example?"

"...Kalmiopsis Elementary School gave my son an Airline mini bottle of alchol clearly labled on the bottom as comming from a distillery. No matter how high I went with my complaint, SAG and State Police, nothing was done. Her husband is the Chief of Police and she still teaches. "

TeacherComplaints.com stands for responsibility and professionalism, and gives you the opportunity to send your complaints in a direct way with the guaranty that the school and teachers will have an opportunity to reply directly to you online.

Teachercomplaints.com's creators want education to improve as much as the way professors, students, and parents interact.

When a parent or student tattles on a teacher or school at TeacherComplaints.com - That complaint becomes visible to millions within seconds. It is then archived by search engines and becomes part of a ever growing database of Teacher Complaints.

Having this type of database will allow parents and students to review a teacher and schools history in order to learn more about a school's reputation.

If you are a student, parent or know someone who is, tell them about this wonderful new web site. The link is: http://www.TeacherComplaints.com.