Teacherhorizons was founded by Alex Reynolds and Alexis Toye. Both have considerable experience working in the education sector and both have worked in management positions in international schools. As well as their mutual passion for travel, they share a strong belief that more teachers should benefit from teaching internationally. They believe that the international teacher develops their own skills and helps to improve the quality of teaching everywhere. They were looking for information on international schools and realised no such place existed. So they built Teacherhorizons to create an information hub to enable the best teachers and best schools find each other.
Central to our philosophy is that Teacherhorizons is useful to both teachers and schools. When we piloted the idea in 2010 we received phenomenal feedback, advice and encouragement from teachers and schools. We have tried to incorporate all of these ideas and suggestions into this new site. We hope that, as a facility, Teacherhorizons will continue to develop collaboratively so that it feels like YOUR website whether you are a teacher or an international school. If you would like to contribute your feedback, please click here.
The technology behind Teacherhorizons is based on a combination of networking, matching and wiki systems. We offer a range of facilities and functions which, with your help, we will develop and expand over time. In the meantime, we are still developing the teacher’s side of the site so that it’s ready for when we launch it to teachers in the Spring.
Finally, on a personal note, we loved working in international schools and believe that every good teacher should have the opportunity to benefit from this experience; likewise, all good schools should be able to find the most inspirational teachers for their students. We hope we can work with you over the years ahead to make this possible!