Teachers Media Internationa (TMI) is a global provider of professional learning and education development solutions, specialising in a range of areas including; teacher training methodologies, teacher training, mentoring, change management, monitoring and on-going continual professional development programmes.

We create and deliver strategic educational frameworks:
- Building a common vision of teaching and learning
- Curriculum planning and localisation
- Physical presence to initiate project goals and outcomes
- International standards with local presence
- Professional Development documentation

We serve as practical education enablers:
- Acting as a catalyst for funding
- Working with technology partners to roll out response ICT and Pedagogy
- Social initiatives that support woman's equality
- Supporting infrastructure advancements
- Forming networks of bi-laterals, private and public companies

We build face to face engagement:
- Teaching professionals locally
- Reaching students and parents via teachers
- Building capacity through ambassador programmes
- Coaching and mentoring
- Accredited workshops for educators and school leaders

We build accredited online professional development and learning communities:
- Accredited courses through ministries and universities
- Teachers sharing communities of best practice
- Enabling life-long learning
- Access to on-going mentoring with expert educators
- Tracking teacher progress
- Engagement incentivisation

We serve as content commissioners, creators, distributors and curators:
- Using existing materials and partnership networks
- Upload and share materials on the TeachTM platform
- Enabling user generated content
- Digitalised local resources
- A place for licensed content

Committed to collaboration and partnering to ensure responsible scaling, localisation and equal opportunity, TMI utilises a proprietary online and offline delivery platform and coordinates a significant level of funding for accelerating and supporting practical outcomes in education sector development.

Supporting governing bodies and teachers we believe that education is a human right.  We act on this belief by enabling exemplary teaching around the world.  Our relentless pursuit of the development of sustainable educational ecosystems results in exemplary professional skills and improved student learning across all contexts.

The TMI professional learning solutions can bring about growth and change that support teachers and students, education sectors leaders, partners and funders all over the world.