Columbus-based Clothing Company Team Chipmunk Selected for 2011 Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair

Upcycled clothing company Team Chipmunk rethinks traditional manufacturing models to create sustainable garments from repurposed materials. Costume designer and mom Liz Bourgeois creates original patterns inspired by Victorian and mid-century children’s clothing.  

Columbus, OH, March 14, 2011 – Team Chipmunk’s innovative pairing of upcycled textiles with timeless patterns and classic tailoring has attracted the attention of the Renegade Craft Fair – the nation’s most progressive showcase of handmade clothing and goods.

Held on the weekend of June 11-12 at McKarren Park in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, the Renegade Craft Fair will feature 250 top artisans from around the country.  Each year, the Renegade Craft Fair travels to Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Brooklyn and Austin promoting handmade, sustainable goods.

Chosen for their seamless blend of upcycled textiles and classically inspired silhouettes, Team Chipmunk is excited to bring their line to NYC.  “I was a costume designer in New York City for six years, so it’s gratifying to bring my newest passion back to Brooklyn” says Liz Bourgeois, founder of Team Chipmunk and associate designer of Broadway’s Tony-award winning musical “Avenue Q”.