Grandma’s Detoxifying Tea Recipe to Contest the Fountain of Youth

Teatoxify, a new organic dieting tea, contains ingredients to help shed fat, stay healthy and feel amazing. As the only weight-loss tea with 15 organic ingredients, Teatoxify is the healthiest and tastiest tea on the market. This product allows for slimming effects through organically produced methods founded in a California girl’s kitchen.

Inspired to take action by a cold, Teatoxify was created to cure some flu-y woes by mixing a combo of all-natural ingredients with grandma’s home-remedy tea. The outcome was a clear breathing passage, a slimmer waist and detoxified body that felt better than before.

“Not only do I feel alive,” said Celine K., a new customer of Teatoxify. “I feel as if I have more energy than ever. I’ve continued to drink Teatoxify a couple of times each week while working or just hanging out and reading a book. I drink it not because I am sick, but I feel wonderful after each cup.”

The first day of the rest of your life can happen after Teatoxify-ing your body with the healthiest and tastiest tea. This wholesome, immune-boosting recipe includes organic substances, such as peppermint, ginger root, licorice root, red clover, oolong, dandelion root, ginseng and yerba mate.  Teatoxify is the only diet tea with 15 organic components with multiple health and weight benefits. The slimming tea works by a detoxification process that rids your body of harmful bacteria and excess weight.

After diving into the ingredients of Teatoxify’s weight loss tea, its cleanse and detox benefits are supported by research of the substances.

Peppermint is commonly used in flu and cold remedies due to its calming and numbing qualities. Ginger root has been proven to kill ovarian cancer cells. Licorice root contains many anti-depressants, as well as solutions to common issues, such as asthma. Red clover lowers cholesterol, reduces hot flashes and promotes blood circulation.

Along with the mood-altering and health-benefiting effects of Teatoxify, it is also a weight-loss tea. Oolong increases fat oxidation, which helps maintain a healthy body weight. Dandelion root rids the body of excess fluid and reduces high blood pressure. Ginseng is a natural appetite suppressant. Yerba mate slows your digestion track, so the body feels full longer.

“The all-organic ingredients used in the Teatoxify blend are shipped from all over the world,” said Natalie N., an avid Teatoxify connoisseur, “including India, China, Egypt, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Teatoxify’s commitment to finding the best ingredients possible, and taste-testing everything before shipping it to me lets me know that they’re really passionate about giving us the healthiest and tastiest tea.”

Coupled with a short exercise routine, this tea will be nothing short of magical. Teatoxify converts people, even coffee-lovers, into healthier, happier and slimmer individuals. The results are so far proven, that if any customer is dissatisfied, there is a 100 percent money-back guarantee.  This product has helped many stay fit and happy and Teatoxify hopes that it can do that for you!

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The benefits of Teatoxify are far-reaching with the healthiest and tastiest tea; no genetically modified garbage. Teatoxify is a fat-fighting and life-changing investment. Experience Teatoxify by visiting teatoxify.com, by finding them on instagram, pinterest, facebook, or by contacting info@teatoxify.com