Tech for Five is an online micro jobs portal giving members a place to make money with their talents. Sellers and Buyers create free accounts and interact depending on their needs. Busy Webmasters are usually in need of some sort of technical assistance. At Tech for five, they can easily find fast and reliable help.

Need a banner created or a quick fix on your website? Buyers can choose from a list of 15 categories which include:  

Digital / Animation
Fun & Bizarre
How to eBooks
IOS / Android
Music & Audio
Other Specialties
Repairs/ Fix It
Social Marketing
Tips & Advice
virtual Assistant
Website Traffic
Writing & Review

Tech for Five's commission is one of the lowest in the micro jobs industry. Instead of charging $1.00 from a $5.00 gig, we only charge $0.75. In time this incentive adds up for the seller.

Although we'd like to take as little commission as possible, we have to pay fees to PayPal for handling each transaction. In addition website maintenance costs a pretty penny.