TECHFUND is the STARTUP SCIENCE ACCELERATOR which was founded on October 9, 2014 (Tech Day), with a vision called "Entrepreneur is the coolest job!". Started working as the world's first technology investment fund to support start-ups by "Technology Investment(*4)" investing technology instead of money like Sweat Equity. It has been engaged in mentoring and due diligence of more than 250 teams and carried out technology investment in six companies. As of 2018, its business includes following.
[ACCELERATOR SERVICE]  The support program developed for start-up is provided as "ACCEL PROGRAM for BIZ (formerly SUNRISE PROGRAM)" mainly for listed companies, contributing to creation of more than 30 innovations. Currently, “ACCEL BaaS”, which accelerates blockchain application development, is provided.

[STARTUP SCIENCE SERVICE] It develops credit rating service centered on startup credit score "ACCEL SCORE (accelerator score)" derived by artificial intelligence and ICO token analysis service.
*4 Technology Investment:Investment method that invests technology instead of money and assumes equity in return. Overseas it is called "sweat equity".