We are a small, mom-owned and -operated business.  I (Melissa) design all of the baby and kids clothes on our website, http://technigirl.com.  I started the business because I have a young daughter, and I wanted to create intelligent clothing for girls that contains empowering messages, as well as cool graphics not normally seen on girls' clothes (robots, spaceships, etc).  I felt that there were too many shirts out there that say things like "I'm too pretty to do homework" and "Life begins with Daddy's credit card".  On the site I also sell a few other handpicked products that I think are especially smart and cool.

I have a degree in electrical engineering and have worked in the field for over 12 years (in fact, I still do as of this writing).  I use that experience to create my artwork.  It is because of that experience that I know we need more women in science, technology, engineering, and math careers.  I believe that we must encourage girls interest and study of these subjects from an early age in order to counteract societal stereotypes such as "boys are better at math, girls are better at reading".  Numerous studies have shown this just isn't true.  My business is meant to be a counteracting force on those stereotypes.