Technocrats Plasma Systems Pvt Ltd (www.technocratplasma.com) was born as “Technocrats” in the year 1990 as a partnership company by Mr. Arun Kumar who was working as a Scientist for "BARC". Technocrats Plasma Systems Pvt Ltd has been doing pioneering job in the field of plasma cutting technology for Indian industries. Our product domains include Plasma Cutting Machines, Arc Welding Machines, Plasma Welding Machine, Semi Automatic Gas Cutting Machines and CNC Plasma / Gas Profile Cutting Machine.
In house development of CNC Plasma Profile Cutting Systems, CNC Pipe Profile Cutting Machines & Tailor made solutions for Welding & Plasma Cutting Applications has provided the much needed local solutions to Indian Industries. Six axis CNC Profile Cutting Systems meets the cutting requirements including most 3-D applications, bevel cutting etc. Plasma Power Sources upto 1000Amps., Plasma Cutting Torches & Consumables upto 1000Amps capacity, Torches for underwater cutting, etc are unique proven capabilities of “TECHNOCRATS”.

Plasma, Micro Plasma, MMA (Manual Metal Arc), TIG, AC/DC TIG, MIG/MAG (Co2), Submerged Arc Welding Equipments & Systems based on technologically advanced energy saving technology & features such as full programmable machines with digital control & automation interface etc. are world class. Some of these equipments out perform internationally best known brands on account of efficiency, power factor & reliability.

We ensure highest level of customer satisfaction through our inclusive approach, customer training & comprehensive sales & service network.
Our detailed Product List is as follows:-

    Plasma Cutting Machine
    Diode Based Plasma Cutting Machine
    Thyristor Based Plasma Cutting
    Inverter Based Plasma Cutting Machine
    Machines for Self Powered / Next Generation Welding
    CNC Plasma / Gas Profile Cutting Machine
    Miniature Based Profile Cutting Machine
    Gantry Based Profile Cutting Machine
    Plasma Welding Machine
    Micro Plasma Welding Machine
    Semi Automatic Gas Cutting Machine
    Portable Shape Cutting Machine
    Portable Flame Cutting Machine
    CNC Pipe Plasma / Gas Profile Cutting Machine
    Arc Welding Machine
    MMA/TIG Welding Machines
    AC/DC TIG Welding Machine
    MIG/MAG Co2 Welding Machine
    Submerged Arc Welding Machine

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