AKC Consulting organizes our business into three main areas with which we penetrate the market to reach clients in need of our services:  Technology Consulting, Technology Training  and Technology Support.   From there, we narrow our approach by addressing your company with an industry approach or an applications approach, dependent upon the scope of your current technology needs.  For example, if your company needs a complete technology overhaul to become current in your INDUSTRY, whether it be healthcare, education, small business, not-for-profit or government, we will provide consulting in relation to the latest trends WITHIN your industry and make recommendations based on bringing you into competitive alignment with the most recent market demands.

If however, you are already in keeping with current trends and just want to roll out as highly competitive in one mini-sector of your industry, we would take an APPLICATIONS approach, doing the necessary research to design and deploy the technology that is crisply tailored to advance your highly time sensitive goals.

Our expansive pool of IT professionals as well as our strategic partnerships with some of the largest IT product providers in the world, allows AKC Consulting to transform your dreams of success into reality.  But we don't just wave our magic wand or twitch our noses, only for you to open your eyes to the same company who promised you results but failed to follow through with solid, long-lasting change.  Our consulting services are mapped to the T, in keeping with YOUR company's sub-culture.  And we use our expertise to help you reach where you always knew you could go.  If you lack vision, our consultants will guide you outside of the corporate box.  If your vision lacks legs, our consultants will water your visionary seeds until they grow into measurable results.