TechnoPurple offers Award-winning Tracking Solutions for almost any asset on the Globe.  We develop innovative and customized tracking applications based on portable trackers and cellphones.

TechnoPurple was awarded by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India  and IIM (Indian Institutes of Management ), Ahmedabad  in the The Economic Times Power of Ideas, 2010 for developing one of the smallest tracking device and comprehensive web application. The solution also won contest at iWeekEnd ECell- IITB  and featured on ET News

We have dedicated tracking solutions
1. Fleet Management & Vehicle Tracking
2. Mobile Tracking for Enterprise Sales Force
3. Fixed Asset Tracking for Cranes, Batch Plants, DG Sets
4. Remote monitoring using SCADA Interface
5. Personal Tracking for kids & elderly

Mobile Tracking for Employees
Managing Sales and Service Personnel  of on-field is a painstaking task which needs enormous resources and yet does yield the desired results.
Across various sectors in every industry, big or small the pain points are common - Monitoring, Managing & Reporting. Technotracker Application wipes them all and does more.  A smart phone application which enables efficient allocation of on-field resources by continuous live monitoring and enables the  employee to report on the field saving valuable time and resources in turnaround.  Reports can be sent on the fly on the field, Places of interest to the company - services centers, customers , client or outlets can be marked on the map on the field. Alerts can be generated for every entry exit of a location. With data online, historic path can be loaded and replayed.  Order booking or reporting can be done on the spot. .. All this with just a lite weight application in the employee's phone.
With customization and client specific data entry forms the applications can be the trump card for any business and its fortune.

For more details visit www.technopurple.com/technotracker.html

Vehicle Tracking - TechnoPurple's Vehicle tracker - the smallest in the world is accessory which any vehicle owner just can't afford to miss. With a extremely small form antenna-less factor and a very strong GPS  the device stays hidden under the vehicle's dashboard and transmits location data as well as various other parameters through different sensors to the Technopurple data center.  Managing a car ot two or fleet is a breeze with TechnoPurple's  feature rich web application.  Apart from the apparent benefits that one gets in form of  Anti-theft and monitoring device in the car, the indirect benefits are huge. Reduced maintenance, Improved mileage, No pilferage , efficient management to name a few.

The vehicle tracking application has evolved in to a well-buitl, tried & tested and improved platform for various vehicle groups like public transport,  fleet owners, hotels, schools and emergency services.

Adding temperature sensors take the application to domains like pharmaceuticals and beyond.

TechnoPurple opens a  whole new world of possibilities with GPS based tracking services. We Track , You Control !