Since 2014, TRI has been researching trends in telecom and B/OSS systems and software.  And you know what?  As the years have passed, it’s become a lot more interesting and fun!  

The comms industry has evolved -- not just on the technical side (in fixed, mobile, cable, and virtual operator), but also through major business and practice changes.

But one thing that has not changed is the need for intelligence, and that’s what TRI delivers: intelligence of generally two varieties:

•Telecom operators get insights on commercial solutions and best practices that allow them to save money, expand/protect revenues, and service customers better; and,

•Solution vendors get the marketing intelligence they need to leap on new product/service opportunities and avoid investing in areas that are overcrowded with rivals.

Over the years, the research domains we’ve covered echo the intelligence needs of their time.  For instance, in the mid-1990s, TRI was the first analyst firm to author industry reports on the billing market. Then, as provisioning and service assurance took off in the late 90s, we followed that too.  Along the way, we’ve authored reports on customer care systems, revenue assurance, and other hot system areas.

In 2014 we published a major industry study on Telecom Analytics and Big Data Solutions. Our most recent report is on Telecom Fraud Management solutions, with a new study coming soon on Telecom Wholesale Systems.

And we continue to stay abreast of developments in across telecom systems and software through the two blogazines TRI publishes: Black Swan Telecom Journal and Telexchange Journal.

Check out our latest research reports.  We look forward to serving your intelligence needs as this fascinating comms industry of ours twists and turns its way into the future.

Dan Baker  Research Director of TRI