TechSci Research is a premium market research and consulting service provider with offices in Canada, UK and India. TechSci Research features a large number of high quality research reports across a broad range of industries such as Water & Water Recycling, Automotive, Telecom, Retail, Consumer Electronics, Alternate Energy, etc. The industry reports are generated after in-depth primary research surveys with stakeholders of the industry coupled with exhaustive secondary research of relevant publications like company annual reports, government policy documents and enormous proprietary databases which provides details of competitors, valuations, trends, and forecasts. The company’s proprietary forecasting models uses various analyses of both industry-specific and macroeconomic variables on a state-by-state basis to produce a unique ‘bottom-up’ model of country, regional and global industry prospects. Combined with TechSci’s detailed analysis of company activity and industry trends, the result is a uniquely rich evaluation of the opportunities available in highly competitive markets.