Since 1988, Tec-Masters, Inc. has provided innovative, robust scientific and technological solutions for the Defense Industry and Commercial customers worldwide.  With unsurpassed dedication, quality and reliability, Tec-Masters, Inc. has successfully met or exceeded the requirements of more than 1,300 federal government task orders.

Tec-Masters, Inc. has focused on the fact that “quality is the key to customer satisfaction.”  As a result, their commitment to quality, the versatility of personnel and the powerful combination of processes and products has produced a long and successful customer history.  Tec-Masters, Inc. quality initiatives include ISO 9001:2008, Six Sigma and CMMI Level 3.  They understand how to do more with less—a requirement of the Government— and provide cost effective, innovative solutions to their customers.  Tec-Masters, Inc. knows the power of combining people, processes and products to achieve success.

Tec-Masters, Inc. is Headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama with offices located throughout the United States.  The company specializes in:
•  Mission Support
•  System Integration
•  Maintenance
•  Training
•  Multimedia & Video Production
•  Logistics
•  Information Technology
•  Software Development
•  Customized Engineering & Manufacturing.

Website:  www.tecmasters.com
Tracy L. Swayne