Author of 114 books and 42 DVD’s
✔1st Jiu Jitsu Black Belt in Texas
✔1st Weapons Black Belt in Texas, and Louisiana
✔1st Okinawan Karate Black Belt in Louisiana
✔1st to promote students to black belt in weapons and jiu jistu in Texas, Louisiana
✔1st jiu jitsu team in Louisiana and Texas
✔1st Jiu Jitsu Black Belt at Louisiana State University
✔Started first Jiu Jitsu club at LSU
✔Produced 1st Karate Collegiate Championship tournament 1971
✔1st author of book on Hard KI (chi)
✔1st person to bend knife on neck in demonstration
✔Wrote the 1st Complete Martial Arts Weapons manual in 1976, best selling martial arts manual in history, still in print after 35 years
✔Wrote 1st book on using martial arts techniques in sports to prevent
✔injuries, improve performance and develop a winning attitude. Which was used and endorsed by University of Texas, OU, LSU, Oral Roberts, Louisiana College, Purdue, Rice University, Houston Rockets, New Orleans Jazz, dozens of high schools
✔1st Martial Arts black belt with a weekly TV show in America, 2 years on channel 11 DFW
✔Voted “The Most Perfect Body in America 1980”
✔Appeared on National TV 8 times with martial arts programs. Including Real People, Entertainment Tonight, Playboy Channel, Fox TV, Inside Edition, and dozens of local TV stations across Texas, and Louisiana
✔1st Martial Arts Master to work with US Olympic committee training US Olympic athletes using martial arts techniques
✔1st Jiu Jitsu demonstration at the Karate Olympics, US Karate Championship, Mardi Grais Nationals, Texas Karate Championships, Big D, (5 years in a roll..no one had ever done more than 3 before), and dozens of other tournaments.
✔Featured in Black Belt Magazine, Inside Kung Fu, Martial Arts Business cover story
✔1st American martial arts author of book on KI
✔1st American author of karate weapons manual
✔1st author to produce martial art book digitally in 1990
✔1st martial arts master author with Iphone application
✔1st martial arts master with Video’s and DVD’s
✔1st web site for martial arts books and videos 1990
✔1st martial arts author to sell digital books on Ebay
✔Inventor with Patented products, Logo Glove and Vpower glove
✔Started the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame 1992
✔Started the first Martial Arts MLM “winners club” in 1982
✔Invented the “Gambretta” the ultimate legal carry self defence weapon
✔TV Pilot Live2B100 in 2008
✔Started the first golf Network Marketing Company..Winner’s Club
✔The most successful night club promoter in South