If you choose to do Chiang Mai University's 120 hour TEFL Certificate Program, you will receive not only a TEFL certificate from Chiang Mai University, but also TEFL certification from the largest TEFL provider in the world: TEFL International.  Because TEFL International's curriculum has been accredited by CMU's board of studies, we are in the unique position of being able to issue BOTH certificates.  The CMU certificate allows you access and assistance from CMU TEFL Job Database - this offers jobs from around the world, but particularly SEA, China, Korea, and Japan.  The TEFL International certificate gives you LIFETIME access to job assistance though TEFL International offices in 26 locations around the globe.

If you decide to enroll in Chiang Mai University’s 120 hour TEFL Certificate Program, you will also receive: 45 hours of beginner’s Thai instruction, visa assistance, housing assistance, and full CMU university student privileges (swimming pool, libraries, gym, etc).

The classes for the 120 hour TEFL Certificate Program are conducted at the CMU’s Language Institute, which is the largest ESL/EFL teaching complex of its type in South East Asia.

It is VERY unusual for our graduates to take longer than three weeks to find a suitable teaching position.  Graduates from CMU's TEFL program are highly regarded by employers and are in great demand.  (This makes our program very popular, so if you decide to do the 120 hour program please make sure that you enroll as soon as is convenient as the classes fill quickly).

Chiang Mai University also offers a 60 hour Online TEFL Certificate Program.  As with the 120 hour program, you still get visa assistance, CMU job placement assistance, and are issued with a certificate accredited by Chiang Mai University.  Additionally, we can organize 2 weeks (or more) of volunteer placements for you, so that you can gain the teaching experience that would not get with the 60 hour Online TEFL Certificate Program.