Short Description - Tejas Research & Engineering provides products and services for the upstream oil and gas industry.  

Long Description – Tejas Research & Engineering is a firm engaged in providing well-known products as well as continually developing new and innovative solutions for the upstream oil & gas industry.  Since “one good test is worth a 1,000 expert opinions”, through analysis and testing is the epi-center of every engineering effort.  The synergies provided by talented Engineers, Designer’s & Technicians, a world class Test Facility and a client base that offers a wellspring of new challenges often yields truly innovative results.  Tejas is registered engineering firm in the State of Texas.

Products include:  
•     Subsurface Safety Valves
o     Tubing Retrievable
o     Wireline Retrievable
o     Deep Set
o     HPHT
o     Surface Controlled (SCSSV)
o     SubSurface Controlled (SSCSSV)

•     Select Camco* Brand Products
•     Downhole flow control equipment
•     Packers
•     PGV Valves
•     API-14L Locks & Nipples
•     Tejas ComTac ™ System
•     Barrier Valve  (Cascade Valve)

Services include:
•     Engineering in solid modeling
•     ANSYS Finite Element Analysis
•     Computational Fluid dynamics
•     New product realization
•     Research & Development of your unique project
•     Feasibility Studies

Testing Services include:
•     HPHT testing to 60,000psi at -200 to 1000°F using convection heating and cooling.
•     Connection testing to ISO 13679 to 1.5 million lbs. in tension and 1.1 million in compression, in conditions to 50,000psi and 700°F.
•     Comprehensive flow loop testing up to 40,000bbls/d to 3000psi at 500°F. Such comprehensive testing facilities speed the development of new products to meet the extreme condition of tomorrow.