Telairity is a Santa Clara, California company dedicated to creating real-time video compression solutions for broadcasting, backhaul, contribution, IPTV, WebTV, and mobile applications, as well as government, military, education, worship and related markets.

The company’s unique video processing technology, based on the Telairity TVP multi-core video processor and associated direct-execution AVClairity video compression software, delivers exceptional value for high-performance encoders. Scalable channel designs based on TVP video processors and AVClairity firmware generate industry-leading price/performance by providing ample processing power with minimum overhead.

Any codec can be supported on Telairity systems. Currently available are H.264/AVC (MPEG-4) on any type of channel, including High, Main, and Baseline profiles as appropriate, as well as support for legacy MPEG-2 encoding on SD channels. HEVC (MPEG-5) will be added at a future date. Additional codecs also may be requested for future delivery.

Telairity’s full ownership of its encoding technology, from chip to system enclosure, allows custom solutions created to meet any need. Standard features include flexible HD/SD/mobile encoding versatility, high picture quality, low bit rates, unique “instant-on” system start-up, low encode latencies, a wide range of input/output options, optional transcoding capabilities, and support for either 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 color subsampling modes. In addition, Telairity encoders are noted for their exceptional reliability, simplicity of operation, and easy software upgradeability. Every encoder is also backed by a warranty that includes free repair or replacement in case of hardware failure during the first 2 years, plus free software downloads to add features and improve performance for the life of the product.

Specialized lines include HD encoders for ground and aerial ENG vehicles, maximum compression SD encoders for IPTV, auto-switching HD/SD encoders, encoders for small-format mobile devices and WebTV, and dense ATCA chassis systems with up to 32 multiplexed channels output over ASI and IP.

The lineup of Telairity encoders and related broadcast equipment  is listed below:

STAR award-winning chassis-based system
SES3200 – 4-32 channels. Telairity’s extraordinary channel technology at a minimum per-channel price in a highly robust telco-grade Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) platform

Newbay Media "Best of Show" NAB 2016 Encoding Family
BE8600 - compact 1RU half-width contribution encoder sized to go just about anywhere and powerful enough to do just about any encoding task
BE8700 - 1RU full-width distribution encoder configurable with 1 to 4 channels. Multiplexed output over dual IP; individual or multiplexed ASI outputs.

Professional Integrated Receiver Decoders (IRDs)
BE-IRD-5502 1RU 4:2:0 HD/SD MPEG-2/MPEG-4 professional IRD
BE-IRD-5503 1RU 4:2:0 IRD with genlock
BE-IRD-5600 1RU 4:2:0 & 4:2:2 HD/SD MPEG-2/MPEG-4 advanced IRD

BM6500 – 1 RU “Orion” modulator for generating L-Band or IF-Band satellite signals
BM6600 – 1 RU “Orion” modulator for generating terrestrial signals
BE6500 – Embedded “Orion” satellite modulator integrated into any 1-channel 1RU Telairity encoder
BE6600 – Embedded “Orion” terrestrial modulator integrated into any 1-channel 1RU Telairity encoder

BE-MUX-5000 – 1 RU MUX able to combine up to 32 input transport streams (DVB-ASI or IP)