Specialty communications equipment and broadband isolation transformer – Spezial Kommunikationsgeräten und Breitband-Übertrager - Spécial matériel de communication et des large bande isolements transformateur

Over the past four decades, HVI-TEC Luescher (formerly, Telbit AG), has established its leading position as a manufacturer and distributor of high quality telecommunication equipment and systems on a fast changing global market.

The product range includes weather and vandal resistant telephones which are used in arduous and exposed environments to provide a rugged communication terminal. Typical applications would be railway track side telephones, Information and Help-Points, Security Telephones.

HVI-TEC Luescher (formerly, Telbit AG) engineers and manufactures telecommunications equipment for high reliability and critical service applications, including communication protection for high voltage environments. For over 40 years, HVI-TEC Luescher (formerly, Telbit AG) has been providing high voltage isolation products to protect telecommunications circuits entering substations, power generating plants and wireless communications facilities located within Zone of Influence (ZOI).