I am someone who is fed up with the lack of resources for communications workers to communicate with each other. That's why I developed TelephoneTechTalk.com Triple T is a place to go to ask questions, get answers, comment on others postings, find information about something you are concerned about at your job. Help yourself and help your fellow co-workers, locally and throughout the country. Triple T has also developed Professional Resource pages to find Automobile Mechanics, Barbers, Delis, Doctors, Gyms, Insurance Brokers, Landscapers, Restaurants, Travel Agents and over 90 other categories of professionals who are familiar with the needs of communications workers. It doesn't matter if you work for a landline, wireless, satellite, cable or manufacturing company, or any of the other 4,800 companies that provide dial tone, fiber optics, internet, wireless, television and security systems. If you are an employee of a company that manufactures communications equipment, tools and supplies for the customer, business, or the technician in the field, then you will also benefit from the TelephoneTechTalk.com message boards and forums. The Professional Resource section has the contacts and resources that you need.  Great news, the professional resource pages is currently working with your local neighborhood delis and restaurants for great breakfast and lunch deals.  Visit us and your co-workers at www.TelephoneTechTalk.com or www.TheChatBoards.com
I developed TelephoneTechTalk.com to allow communications workers from around the neighborhood and the country to communicate with each other through free message boards, become a resource to our fellow communications employees. Landline, wireless, fiber optics, equipment  manufacturers and cable. We have the professionals that have experience with the needs of communications workers.