Teleskill Italia is a Rome-based company operating since 1999  in the development of technologies for refresher courses, teaching and distance communication with the objective to make available to its customers the most advanced tools, methodologies and techniques for the e-learning and the webconferencing, focusing entirely the underlying technology.
The company acquired skills, agreements and technology partnerships of high strategic value with some major players in telecommunications, computer networks, security and digital certification. In the last years, Teleskill expanded its business structure by promoting new opportunities thanks to alliances with partners in the Italian territory and abroad such as Spain, Switzerland, and Romania.  
The target market consists of private companies, schools, universities, training institutions and centers of excellence which need a flexible tool for continuing education, specialization (masters) and professional development with innovative and exclusive certification guarantees certification of the remote teaching.
Teleskill also makes use of the contribution of training and methodological support of important scientific and research centers working in the various fields of higher education.