Throughout history, some inventions have changed the world. They have transformed the way we see ourselves - and each other, we at Tell Me First have new inventions and have improved on old technology to bring you some amazing products which are going to change the way you think. From designer art glass radiators to underwater magic glue or ice jackets that encase your bottle of spirits in ice to d-skins to protect your DVD's and video games from scratching we have products you will find know where else.

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Ice Cooler - the ice bucket made of ICE

Ice Lantern

Art Glass Radiators

Fuelmaster, electronic boiler controller, reduce you heating bills by 20%+

d skin Never Scratch A Video Game Or DVD Again

Magic - Glue, Adhesive & Sealant , Under Water Magic is a newly developed extremely strong one component adhesive and sealant, which is designed for a wide variety of tasks in indoor and outdoor swimming pools enabling you to fix leaking swimming pools under water, and many other uses. Stick, tile, metal to concrete, plastic to concrete, metal to metal nearly every thing to anything UNDERWATER.

Ice Jacket, Inc. Introduces Best Barwares Device since the Ice Cube, Chill it to perfection with the Ice Jacket . Whether you're pouring martinis or serving lemon drop shots, most guests agree that these libations are best when served at the coldest possible temperature. With the Ice Jacket, you can encase a bottle of your favorite spirit or other liquor in a dramatic layer of ice and chill the contents down.  The Ice Jacket, encases a bottle of spirit in ice to create a refreshingly cold and gorgeous "coat of ice”. The Ice Jacket is a unique, one-of-a-kind product that's fun and incredibly impressive. If it is in your bar or at a party, let the ice Jacket keep the drinks icy cold.

Glass radiators,  A picture speaks a thousand words. The art work in the photo to the right is an Art Glass radiator (rad art and rad glass). There has always been a problem with plumbed in radiators, they are so ugly. Radiators are a necessity, and usually look functional without any real design appeal or aesthetics. This is not the case when you consider the new Art Glass radiators, the possibilities are nearly endless. The Glass Art Radiator is designed to be easily fitted into your existing central heating system (also avialble in electric). For more information click here. on the Rad Art and Rad Glass range.

And many more