Why use Temp Network to Provide Your Business With Temporary Labour?

Quite simply, we can give you better temps.

From an adhoc day to cover sickness or a planned 12 week booking to cover your peak trading period, Temp Network will give you the service you want at a charge rate you will be pleased to pay.

We take care of the employment legislation, the national insurance, the wages and payslips. You just simply have to settle our invoice.

We save you time. We save you money. One day, we might just save your A***! (Humour can be a wonderful medicine in the world of recruitment!)

Our Approach

We don't:

Bombard you with 20 phone calls a day, a list of our workforce availability each week, a chocolate bar every Friday or a free key ring / cuddly toy / tooth pick / packet of mints with our logo on it whenever "head office" have them in stock.

We do:

Want to understand your business - what issues do you have? What is staff turnover like? How much time do you spend on recruitment advertising and interviewing? How did your last agency help and what didn't you like? What is your local reputation like? How much do you spend on overtime? Etc. From this we can gain a picture of how your business manages recruitment at present.
Having established the facts, we offer possible solutions for discussion. Highlighting the department with the greatest need for staff or better training or quite simply a message to the staff that tells them they are doing a good job.
We agree rates, credit limits, inductions, start dates and PPE as required.
Provide you the right people at the right time to help you get the job done.
We supply you with better temps - motivated, cost effective and reliable.
Our Guarantee

TSG - TOTAL SHIFT GUARUNTEE: Should any temporary worker supplied by Temp Network be unsuitable or fail to meet a minimum standard, you will not be charged for that worker*. For the full facts and an informal chat, please contact our managing director Mike Waterton on either 07789 692458 or via mike@tempnetwork.co.uk

*Terms and conditions apply