Tenax Technologies is a Belarussian software development company delivering complex web solutions. We provide comprehensive Java development of complex internet systems. Our competence and focus in Java based technologies and solutions give us the experience in building integrated, robust and scalable enterprise solutions. Whether you need a complex multi-tier web system or custom programming using latest technologies and industry trends - Tenax Technologies has required experience and expertise to do it all.

We entered into a technological partnership with the world’s leading network hardware and software solutions provider, Sun Microsystems Inc. This is a great opportunity to expand our value proposition to our customers, while ensuring high quality professional services delivery that is consistent with Sun’s proven methodologies.

Tenax Technologies has a strong team of Java certified IT experts, which let us provide high quality services in the compliance with the best industry standards. Through the years of working with Java technologies we accumulated the valuable knowledge in this field which is successfully applied into our customers’ projects.

Our customers are companies ranging from startups to medium enterprises who realize that they need a professional internet solution to generate revenue streams, establish communication channels or streamline business operations.

The special attention is paid to quality assurance to ensure the high quality of projects developed. Our quality engineers are checking the product quality at every stage of the project, verify and validate project to meet all business requirements. They develop a unique testing strategy plan for every project which makes to achieve higher quality results by the time of project release.

Our Software Development Company Business Philosophy

    We understand that our success depends on success of our customers. That is why we are like no other interested in the results of every project and put all our knowledge and resources to deliver best quality service helping our customers to succeed in their business.

    Our software development company is strongly committed to become a long-term, trusted partner. Our highest priority is not only providing professional services but becoming your one-stop IT vendor dedicated to your needs today and support you growing business tomorrow.

    We are addicted to what we do and put all our passion on every project. Strong commitment and full understanding of customer needs is our key in developing successful project. A project won’t be started until we completely understand customer needs and business goals. The project can not be considered as finished until customer is completely satisfied.

    Our software development company is ready to take a challenge to deal with innovative technologies and finding an unusual way of solving your complicated business tasks.

    Making strong trusted relationships with our customers is the key for us. We do what we promise. The agreements concerning the procedure, quality, planning and costs are adhered to strictly.