ATD Marketing is a marketing business whose mission is to assist small businesses in moving into the 21st Century with their marketing.  We design web sites, mobile Apps, provide printing services, advertising specialties, SMS marketing, graphic design and QR code programs.  We also work with businesses to create marketing programs that are designed to give the small business more bang for their buck.

We work with small locally owned businesses to upgrade their marketing programs to incorporate the newest technology as well as the traditional media.  We understand that marketing is one of the hardest endeavors that the small business has to undertake and try to assist our clients with effective programs so that they can focus on the core principals of their business while still reaching out to create loyal, new customers and retain their existing customer  base.

We realize that many small businesses do not have the budget or in house expertise to take advantage of all the new technology and that many know that they need to employ the new electronic marketplace in their business but are reluctant for whatever reason to take the plunge.  ATD Marketing tries to make it easier for these businesses to take advantage of this new marketplace by providing reasonably priced solutions as well as the expertise so many of our small locally owned businesses lack.