We utilize a tensile structure technology developed in South Africa. These tents are popular for their adaptability, durability, elegance and affordability.

Versatility - Stretch tents adapt to their surroundings, offering ultimate flexibility in accommodating geographical challenges and design preferences. Working with, not against, the environment, the sky's the limit in stretch tent design. Tentrix tents can be altered and creatively rigged on various terrains, slopes, and even within permanent structures. Explore different shapes and colors, while molding our tents uniquely for your event.

Durability - With advanced waterproof and wind resistance technology, there is no need for a plan B. Weather changes – your plans don’t have to. Tentrix tents are designed and built to handle gale force winds that will destroy a standard tent. Full UV protection allows for semi-permanent installations even in harsh environments like the Colorado Rockies. All materials are certified fire retardant to comply with building codes and keep occupants safe.

Elegance -- Simplistic elegance of Tentrix tents create a perfect canvas for your artistic outlet. Suitable for both informal and formal events, this tent will be sure to inspire your creativity. Custom lighting further enhances your unique atmosphere. Please view our social media for inspiration of successful stretch tent installations.

Affordability -- Gone are the days that include ridiculous budgets and extensive waiting lists. Create your dream venue at a fraction of the cost. With the freedom to assemble our tents on a variety of geographical terrains, you will no longer be limited to buildings or designated tent locations.