"Dream Makers" is a talent contest, reality TV show for emerging professional and amateur movie makers, including cast and crew, evaluated by movie industry professionals. The contestants are judged and selected by U.S audience members.

During January of 2014, our judges will select 150 contestants from a nationwide audition process to compete for 15 movie making positions. Film editors, costume and production designers are just some of the categories that the audience, judges and the producers of “Dream Makers” will be watching. The show will go live once the producers announce the five finalists.

The first week of January, producers will announce the top five vote getters from the director’s category. The directors then work with the remaining contestants every day for the rest of the season. They will provide their opinions, insights and advice to help the rest of the contestants make the team.
Each episode—hosted by Roger Rohatgi, an independent film maker himself —features industry leaders, and special guests reviewing video pitches by the contestants.

Every week contestants will make a video about how they would develop the section of the screenplay our producers have chosen specifically for the show. The judges will give their professional opinion about who made the best pitch. The audience will select their favorite contestants from each category. Audience votes are cast through crowd funding, smart phone voting, online voting and call in voting.  The lowest vote getters in each category will leave the show each week.

The grand prize is to be hired to make the movie they have been developing during the competition. Hometown Entertainment plans to distribute the movie.

Pre-audition sign ups run from July through August. Open auditions are September, October and November. Contestants will be contacted within a couple of days after entering to inform them whether or not they will be included in the December voting phase.