Terraso, Inc. - A response to market demands

As a group of builders we created Terraso, Inc. in 2008 as a response to the recent housing market crash.  In 2007 we found ourselves struggling to build and sell new homes in the sinking industry.  We knew we had to become extremely competitive as builders to compete against the flood of foreclosures on the market.  We also knew there was an increasing demand for energy-efficiency and traditional construction wouldn’t cut it anymore.  We realized we needed a whole new method of building homes at a whole new level of energy-efficiency.

When we sat down with our engineers to develop what became the Terraso Solution technology, our main goal was to address 4 needs to create an outstanding product:

1.  Offer value over competition for new home starts and existing housing inventories
2.  Redefine standards for energy-efficient homes
3.  Changes must be cost effective
4.  Keep it simple – use conventional construction methodology

Terraso Solution Technology

We stripped down the way a home was traditionally build, and redesigned it from the ground up.  A new highly energy-efficient Terraso Solution “double staggered wall” replaced the old 2x6 wall construction.  The Terraso Solution “advanced roof technology” we developed replaced the old construction method, adding about 20% efficiency to the home.  We then replaced the traditional fiberglass batt and cellulose insulation with 8” of the latest open cell spray foam, giving the house an unprecedented air barrier.  Our new whole house design was completed with the use of Low-E windows, and energy efficient appliances and lighting.

This newly developed Terraso Solution technology will make a home as much as 70% more energy efficient than a traditional home, saving the homeowner hundreds of dollars on utility bills each year.  The technology also proved to be extremely cost effective.  The saving seen on the homeowner’s monthly utility bill outweighs the additional cost of the technology.  In most cases a homeowner will see a net monthly savings of $100 or more.

The Terraso Solution is the latest, most cost effective and energy-efficient technology on the market today.  We are ushering in the next generation of new home construction, saving an enormous amount of energy, and saving the homeowners money.  Because our Terraso Solution homes have a significant reduction in energy demands, it also helps to reduce the household carbon footprint helping save the environment.  We also found the Terraso Solution added additional homeowner benefits including, reduction of household dust and allergens, elimination of bug traffic, reduction in noise pollution, and increased home comfort.

Builders interested in the new technology can sign up to become a licensed Terraso Solution home builder.  Terraso, Inc. supports licensed builders with training, marketing tools, and sending them to prospective buyers.  A homebuyer can also choose a builder and ask them to become licensed to build a Terraso Solution home using the builder’s own floor plans.

For additional information on the Terraso Solution technology or to request a free information package, visit www.terraso.com.  The Terraso Solution technology is a patent pending design and is protected under U.S. patent pending laws.


Terraso, Inc.