Fully Alive Coaching is a coaching practice founded by Terri Sullivant of Leawood.

Many people wonder, "Isn't there more to life than what I'm experiencing?" You may be in a job that pays the bills but drains you of vitality, or in relationships that don't have life in them. Or you may be in a seasonal shift of some kind, looking forward to what's next and wanting to create the best possible future. Wherever you are, whatever obstacles you face, there is a way forward to turn those obstacles into opportunities, and to maximize the good you already possess for the road ahead.

What I love to do as a coach is to 'mine the gold' in people by helping them:

Discover (identity, purpose)
Dream (envision possibilities)
Do (plan, and work the plan)
Align all areas of life with identity and purpose
Maximize the opportunities hidden in adversity, challenge and change

Specializing in:

Transformational coaching - internal shifts leading to external changes
Clarity in identifying and re-packaging your life purpose or calling
Personal development/living life fully alive - upping your game!
Life and career transitions
Spiritual maturity

Personal history and training:

I come from a background of 40 years of leadership in Christian ministry with my husband Michael, pastoring, teaching, mentoring and serving in a variety of ways in the faith community. We now have our own ministry called Radius (http://radius-group.org), and are pastoring a church we planted in the Kansas City area called New Hope Community. My husband is the CEO of a ministry called Life Model Works(http://lifemodelworks.org) which I am also involved in.  

In 2004, I went through a life threatening illness, neurosurgery and a long recovery during which I was the recipient of life coaching myself, from one of Dan Miller's 48 Days coaches. Coaching was the catalyst for me to get up off the couch and ‘do life’ again. In 2009 I started Fully Alive Coaching (http://fullyalive5.com) with the help of Dan Miller's 48 Days organization. I became an ICF certified coach in 2013 and currently hold a PCC credential. In 2016 I became certified with Dan Miller's 48 Days coaching network.

To sum up what I do as a coach I would say:

"I mine the gold in people!"

I love to go deep with people. I help them discover, dream and do the life they were born to live!

Contact: www.fullyalive5.com; terrisully@fullyalive5.com

I am the founder of Fully Alive Coaching, LLC (www.fullyalive5.com), and the co-pastor of New Hope Community church (www.radius-group.org/newhopecommunity)

In addition to coaching I am the author of "The Divine Invitation: Entering the Dance of Becoming Fully Alive". More info on the book can be found on Amazon or my website: www.fullyalive5.com .