For too long the transportation options between Greater Palm Springs and the Los Angeles Metro area have been less than ideal. Flights are infrequent, car services are expensive, trains often require bus transfers, and driving yourself wastes hours of your time. Starting in August, however, Tesloop is launching a modern alternative based on Tesla electric vehicles.

Tesloop’s experience for Greater Palm Springs begins with the most advanced and safest vehicles in the world, Tesla Model X SUV’s, configured for up to five travelers. It then adds a wide array of free amenities including Wi­Fi, phone charging, healthy snacks and beverages, curated musical selections, noise cancelling headphones, and five kinds of pillows for those seeking a comfortable car nap. The experience is specifically designed to let you work or re­energize. Tesloop operates like an airline or bus, where you book a single seat for a fixed price, in a vehicle driven by a trained Tesloop “Pilot”. With only a few people per car, Tesloop can offer individualized pick­up options located at hotels & restaurants near highways close to the customer, often dropping people at their destinations, and saving them the time and costs of airport transfers.

Yet despite the luxury of the vehicles, the service remains very competitively priced with fares currently between $29 and $79 one­way per seat from LA or Orange County to Greater Palm Springs depending on timing. The economics of operating electric vehicles are transformative due to the low cost of electricity compared to gas vehicles converging with perpetually bettering autonomous driving ability, as well as the vehicles' ability to drive over 20,000 miles per month for years with very low maintenance costs. Tesloop takes the money that would have been spent on gas, and uses it to enhance the consumer experience.

Tesloop service will start with service to all nine cities in the Greater Palm Springs area: Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Indio and Coachella. Travel on Tesloop can be booked at www.tesloop.com or by calling 818­330­6446.

History of Tesloop

Originally conceived by Haydn ­ a 16 year old high­schooler as a summer job ­ Tesloop expanded to offering daily service from LA and OC to Las Vegas. During this time, Tesloop has become the highest rated brand in the transportation industry, due to its fanatic customer base who rave about the quality of the Tesloop travel experience versus the alternatives, and appreciate its environmental benefits.Tesloop’s plans for the Greater Palm Springs region are ambitious. Haydn shares, “Our goal is to create the best mass transit system in the world and showcase this in Palm Springs. As we scale out with more vehicles, we will be able to offer more frequent service with more destinations and shorter ride times, so the service should continually improve on the infrastructure side. And as always we will continue to personalize and enhance the travel experience. We hope that people don’t hesitate to try this, because once they do we’re confident it will become their new favorite way to travel.”

For more information please contact Kimberley Edwards on kim@tesloop.com or 424­394­5577