Tesselle Cement Tiles create beautiful, unique surface patterns across walls, floors, ceilings and counter tops, both indoors and outdoors. Our concept is to create a single tile design that can create both organic, non-repeating and regular designs, depending on how tiles are oriented with respect to each other in the layout.    

Available in both multi-colored designs and solid colors, and in a variety of shapes, our cement tiles are both durable, color fast and eco-friendly.

Each tile is hand-made to order in Mexico, through a centuries-old technique which was developed in Europe, where many installations of tiles made with this method have lasted for hundreds of years.  Our cement tiles come in a 5/8" thickness, which works for all surfaces, or 3/8" which can be used on walls and ceilings.

Because of the hand-made nature of cement tiles, each is slightly unique and subtle flaws and color variations are considered to be a part of their natural beauty.