Love First

People are most important in our lives and there is nothing as satisfying as making people know how much they mean to us. What would you do if you find a way to express your love and concern to intended recipients? What do you want to say to your children and grandchildren either you are physically present or not? You have the perfect opportunity to say it now with My Secret Legacy.

Prepare For Tomorrow

Truth be told, no one is guaranteed tomorrow. Now is all we all have. That means it is way safer to communicate all your love, hopes and aspirations now than to wait for some probable time in the future. With My Secret Legacy, you can travel through time to say what you want to say to whom you want to say it when you want to. It is an effective way to arrange your family and sort yourself in case of any eventuality. Imagine your grandchild hearing you wish her the best on her graduation in case you are not physically there to do it yourself?

Different Formats Acceptable

You don’t have to worry about acceptable format to store your message on my Secret legacy. We got it all covered. If you want to create video or record audio messages for your loved ones, you can easily do that on this platform. You can leave specific instructions for specific persons and eliminate chances of arguments ensuing when you are not there.

Your Love Now And Always

Love doesn’t have to be limited to time and you can be rest assured that your messages to your loved ones will be kept with strict confidentiality. It will also be sent to them when you want it to and to the right persons. You can regard it as your living testament. The major advantage of this kind of message is that it is infallible. Its authenticity is guaranteed and you can use it to prevent possible strife and agitations. Furthermore, it is a way to connect with your loved ones directly and reassure them of your infinite love for them.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

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