We have been experiencing growth and positive dynamics ever since QArea was founded in 2001, thus constantly proving our expertise, skill and capabilities over and over. We have succeeded in more than 800 projects so far and are not even close to stopping on what we have achieved.

We value our customers; hence our primary goal is the establishment of long-term relationships with clients. Certainly, we understand that constant improvements in delivered quality and value must be in place. Today this process is one of QArea’s clearest guidelines and our unspoken motto states: “Deliver more within less, that’s the way to success!”

Our dream team of talents experiences constant growth. We harvest skilled professionals and young potential geniuses from all over Eastern Europe, and beyond. We provide constant trainings and every member of our team undergoes numerous certifications. All that is to ensure that you, our client, are delivered solutions of the finest quality that meet up with and overcome your boldest expectations.