TPNY One-on-One Tutoring
Upgrade your Mind, Improve your Life

The job of an educator is to teach students to see the vitality in themselves. - Joseph Campbell

Test Prep New York's mission is to help you present yourself as the most attractive applicant by helping you achive stellar test scores, a huge factor in acceptance into your choice schools.

Our personalized service, dedication, impressive track record of students exceeding their target scores and our reputation for helping clients reach scores they were unable to attain after taking big name test preparation courses, makes us the premier company for individualized test preparation.

There is overwhelming evidence indicating individualized tutoring as the most effective mode of instruction. Tutoring is more efficient than classroom settings. This is especially true for standardized test preparation, which is often short term and supplementary to school and/or work.

Each meeting between you and the tutor is tailored to fit your particular needs and learning abilities. As tutors identify your strengths and challenges, we are able to provide you with most relevent instruction and coaching. Our method ignites your mental, psychological and intuitive abilites for peak performance. We upgrade your mind, so you can improve your life.

Test Prep New York tutors and holistic coaches are adept with the comprehensive body of materials, skills and strategy necessary to excell on standardized tests. We bring rigor, focus and relevance to every learning situation. We instill a level of accountability, consistency, focus and dynamism to study. We help you be your best.

The benefits of working with us extend way beyond your standardized test. You can expect to develop transferable habits and enthusiasm which may lead to improved grades, study skills, and confidence. They transform your life.

Whether you are a current student or a professional returning to school, TPNY one-on-one tutoring provides the best return on your investment.

We look forward to working with you.