Texthelp is an assistive technology software company that markets a wide range of award-winning software solutions to help people with reading, writing, and literacy difficulties. The company's mission is to provide literacy software solutions to make learning accessible for students of all ages.

Our educational products support the needs of diverse student populations including struggling readers and writers, students with learning disabilities, and English Language Learners. They are designed for use by individuals, schools, publishers, and corporations seeking to overcome accessibility difficulties.

- Read&Write GOLD (PC or Mac) is a customizable easy-to-use toolbar that seamlessly integrates with mainstream applications so students can access literacy support tools from within programs they use every day.
- Read&Write Web Apps allow users to access their favorite features in the Cloud, anywhere, anytime, on any device.
- Fluency Tutor is a web-based solution for developing and measuring oral reading fluency and comprehension.

Since 1996, Texthelp has been developing and refining software products to take advantage of the latest technology innovations and to meet the ever increasing need for solutions for individuals with literacy difficulties.

These solutions help support and improve the lives of people who have difficulty reading and writing. Our goal is to provide technology to enable all learners, including children and adults with learning difficulties, to read, write, study, and communicate with ease and independence.