TF Metals Report is one of the top precious metals websites and serves as a watchtower for the "end of the Great Keynesian Experiment." What does that mean?

"Keynesian" economics is the idea that governments can stimulate economic growth through deficit spending. Not surprisingly, the failure of this system has  saddled this and future generations with trillions in unserviceable debt. This debt now threatens to destroy the American dollar and perhaps take the global economy down with it. What does the "metals" refer to in TF Metals Report? Many here buy precious metals (gold, silver) as a means of preserving wealth and purchasing power in the event of a currency collapse.

Your proprietor for TF Metals Report is "Turd Ferguson." Turd approaches the subject of PMs (precious metals), the markets, and the economy with a certain amount of irreverence. Even though we are dealing with serious subjects here, we don't take ourselves too seriously.

Our members are affectionately known as "Turdites" and the community is known as "Turdville." We have members from all over the world representing a variety of perspectives and political viewpoints. While we generally agree in our criticism of the "Evil Empire" (a broken and corrupt banking system), Turd encourages a light-hearted approach by poking fun and expanding awareness of issues, versus calls for violent revolution.

"Turd's Vault" is a premium subscription service where Turd Ferguson provides in-depth metals chart analysis, weekday podcast updates on the markets, and status updates on events throughout the day. Turd also interviews various thought leaders and experts on subjects such as market trends or economic collapse scenarios.